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Any Questions?

What is your Referral Program?

For EVERY client you refer, you will receive a $5 credit towards your next service!

So, what is a Brazilian, anyway?
A Brazilian wax is the complete removal of the hair on the pubic region, the labia and the butt strip.  You do have the option, however, of either going completely bare or leaving a small landing strip or triangle of hair above the vaginal area.

How long does the hair have to be to get waxed?
I require that you have at least a 3-week hair growth. Honestly, the longer the better for your first wax.  It is VERY important to have enough hair growth when you come for your appointment.  This allows the wax to grab the hairs easily.  If your hair is too short, I will ask you to reschedule your appointment.

Do I have to be naked?
No, not completely.  But I will need you to undress from the waist down, including your underwear.  I know it's a little unnerving for you, but trust me; I do this ALL day long.  To me, it's all just skin and hair.  So, please don't feel embarrassed.  I will do my best to put you completely at ease!

I have my period!  Do I need to cancel?
No!  It doesn't bother me at all!  Just use a fresh tampon upon arrival and I will work around the string.  Honestly, it happens all the time!

How often do I have to be waxed?
The baseline recommendation is every 3 to 4 weeks.  That goes for everything: brows to legs to Brazilians.  Some clients experience a slower or faster rate of hair growth, and that time can be changed accordingly.  I will help you gauge when you should return.

What kind of wax do you use?
I use the absolute highest quality wax available.  For sensitive areas, such as the face, underarms, and bikini area, I use a hard wax.  A hard wax melts at a lower temperature, is applied in a thicker layer, and is removed without a strip.  The advantages of using a hard was is that I can go over the area multiple times without causing irritation, and it is excellent for delicate skin.  For larger areas, like the legs, back, and arms, I use a high quality soft wax, which is applied thinly and removed using pellon strips.

Does waxing cause ingrown hairs?
Possibly.  Some people get ingrown hairs no matter what type of depilation they choose.  Exfoliating daily and using an ingrown eliminator that contains a combination of Salicylic and Latic Acids, such as the amazing  INGROWN-X-IT SOLUTION, can help this.  It's the BareIt wax bar favorite!

Will I be perfectly smooth after my first wax?
It's possible but not probable.  Some clients are smooth as a baby's bottom after their first experience.  However, it is common that after the first 2 or 3 waxings you may feel a wee bit of stubble.  This occurs most frequently with clients that have coarse, dark hair, and it is most common with leg waxing.  The reason for the stubble is because your hair grows on 3 different cycles, each lasting about 28 days.  It takes a few services for your hairs to all grow out long enough to be grabbed entirely by the wax.  When it does: smooth sailing!

Will it make my hair grow back thicker?
Absolutely not.  If that were the case, then wouldn't a bald man be able to wax his head and grow hair? Waxing does not cause you to grow more hair follicles.  In fact, if you become a regular waxer, you will notice that your hair will become quite sparse and not as coarse.

Will it make my hair grow back darker?
No. Waxing will not change the pigment of your hair.

How much does a Brazilian hurt?
Well, let's just say it doesn't feel great.  But I think the worst part is the anticipation.  Once your first time is over and understand what to expect, it's a breeze.  Plus, I always keep chatting to keep your mind off of the pain.  Before you know're done!

What if I have a really low pain tolerance?
I suggest taking a mild pain reliever like Aleve or Tylenol 30 minutes before your appointment.  This can help to lessen any pain you may experience during your service.

How long does it take to do a Brazilian?
It all depends on the client.  Usually 15-30 minutes.  The first time is the longest, and then the monthly upkeep is much faster.

Why should I wax?
Waxed hair grows back smooth and fine, unlike the stubble that shaving causes.  Each time you wax, the hair follicle weakens and can eventually die, leaving you with less hair.  Waxing also last significantly longer than other epilation methods.

Is waxing sanitary? Can I get a STD?
Wax is antibacterial by nature.  It is impossible to transfer anything during a wax.  I ALWAYS use a pair of new non-latex, powder-free gloves and I NEVER double-dip!

Is there any after care tips I should know about?
Yes, you should avoid heat to the waxed area for 12 to 24 hours.  This includes hot baths, sauna, and steam.  The first time you shower after your waxing procedure, use an antibacterial cleanser like Dial body wash, on the waxed area(s).  If you were waxed in the bikini region, and you have sex before your first shower after waxing, don't fall asleep, get up and clean the waxed area, using a antibacterial soap, to avoid bacterial build up, and infection.  For a first waxing, when it has been more than a couple of months since being waxed, or if the skin has lifted, there can be discomfort for 3 to 5 days.  You can use an Antiseptic ointment, which is sold over the counter.  Avoid applying highly fragranced products to the waxed area.  This includes, perfume, scented body lotions, anti-perspirants, cosmetics, or hygiene sprays (a very light powdering of cornstarch is a good alternative).  Avoid sun tanning for 12 to 24 hours.  This includes any strong unltraviolet (UV) light exposure or tanning bed treatments.  Sunscreen chemicals can be irritating to newly waxed skin.  This includes self-tanning products and tan accelerators.

Anything else I should know about waxing?
You should refrain from using waxing as a hair-removal method if you are using Retin-A (currently or in the last 3 months), Accutane (currently or in the past 4 months), other keratolytic medications (that increases skin exfoliation), or are sunburned or recovering from a recent laser/chemical peel.

I'm nervous!  Can my partner/spouse/friend come into the appointment with me?
My policy at Bare It wax bar is to allow one person in the treatment room at a time.  I have found that this allows me to give the absolute best and most professional service available.

Can I bring my child in the appointment with me?
That is a completely personal decision.  If  you have a baby and they are comfortable in their stroller, or a child that can entertain themselves during your appointment, then absolutely.  However, I truly want to focus on you during your appointment!  Although I love the little ones, sometimes a inquisitive child can get in the way of a smooth Brazilian or the perfect brow wax.

How important is it that I am on time for my appointment?
It's important.  I value my guest's time and I stay on schedule when it comes to our appointments.  I am also usually fully booked.  If a client is more than 5 minutes late for an appointment, I will usually have to reschedule.  Although that may sound rigid, if I take a guest late, chances are I will be late for the next appointment.  And for the one after that, and, well you get the idea.
What is your cancellation policy?
My cancellation policy is covered on my Cancellation Policy page.

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