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"Multi-Step" Process

Bare It wax bar  “Multi-Step” Waxing Process:

Step 1/ Cleanse
Refreshing Lavender cleanser, is the ideal preparation to cleanse and soothe the area without drying the skin before waxing begins.  Its gentle scent is what gives this cleanser its appeal.

Step 2/ Protect
Pearlescent oil, has a light and fluid texture, a formula based on calendula extract (healing/softening properties), coconut & sunflower oils facilitates the effectiveness of the wax and conditions the skin at the same time.  While providing an essential protective barrier between your skin and the wax.

Step3/ Wax  Hard & Soft
I only use exclusive high quality, low temperature, ultra-sensitive wax that is comforting and harmonizing to the skin.  Removed without the use of strips, this is the newest technique in hair removal.  Thick, creamy, and smooth, it is formulated and designed to encapsulate the hair in the wax for the most effective removal method available today.  This lightly aromatic scented wax is used only on the delicate areas of the face, underarms, and bikini.
This velvety, smooth Azulene strip wax includes all-natural organic ingredients that protect the skin and provides optimal hair removal with minimal discomfort.  It is blended with vitamin E and first grade natural resin, to avoid breakouts and allergic reactions; using enriched ingredients such as soybeans, honey beeswax, blue chamomile extract, oil palm and grapeseed oil.  This wax is used only on larger areas of the body such as legs and back.

Step4/ Treatment
I finish off your waxing service with the application of some Egyptian Magic, in order to desensitize your skin...

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